Whether your son or daughter is a novice soccer player who’s just beginning in this wonderful sport, an experienced player striving to gain an edge against his or her opponents, or a team preparing to capture a league or tournament championship, the Texas Longhorns Soccer Camp offers a training environment and program specifically designed to meet your needs.

Campers become proficient in their technique and are exposed to new tactical ideas as they strive for excellence and success in soccer

2019 Camp Dates

January College Prospect Camp: January 26-27
February College Prospect Camp: February 14
March College Prospect Camp: March 17
May College Prospect Camp - I: May 12
May College Prospect Camp - II: May 30
Spring Skills Clinics: TBD
Junior Longhorns Day Camp (Boys and Girls) – I: June 3-7
Elite ID Camp (Overnight, Girls Only) – I: June 5-8
Junior Longhorns Day Camp (Boys and Girls) – II: July 8-12
Residential Camp (Overnight, Boys and Girls): July 10-13
Elite ID Camp (Overnight, Girls Only) – II: July 14-17

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